Diesel Engines

Diesel Engine Repair and Service at Duffy’s
The diesel engine concept is slightly different from your normal gasoline powered engine. That is why you need a repair facility that is ASE-certified to work on such vehicles. Duffy’s Repair Service and their facilty is certified to work on diesels and has been for years. With a dedicated truck shop, the technicians at Duffy’s understand the complexity of diesel engines allowing for a quick and accurate diagnosis and repair. Capable of working on Ford Powerstroke Diesels, GMC/Chevrolet Duramax Diesels, and Dodge Cummins Diesels. No matter if they are in a full-size truck, a van, or even heavy-duty trucks – if it has a diesel engine, we can more than likely work on it! We even handle Isuzu and other import diesels.

It’s not just the certifications
Diesel engines acquire state-of-the-art electronics and diagnostic tools. With our dedication to being a leader in technology among independent repair facilities, we have the tools to do diagnostic work on your most recent domestic vehicles! Give us a call to see what we can do for you and your diesel.

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